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Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. RenaiSys repairs, moves, and maintains analytical stereoplotters with the highest attention to customer satisfaction. René Sonderegger founded RenaiSys in 1997 after 17 years of building the plotters at the Heerbrugg factory and maintaining Wild AC1, Wild BC1, Wild BC2, Leica BC3, Kern DSR, Leica SD2000 and Leica SD3000 mapping systems. We've added services for Zeiss P3, Zeiss P33 and Intergraph InterMap IMA (Zeiss P1) systems as well. For your urgent spare part needs, we have complete systems at our Colorado office. From the USA and from Switzerland, we travel to customers around the world. RenaiSys remains focused on providing the finest support services for the Photogrammetry industry.

In 2005, we installed the first BCConversion to eliminate intermittent problems that were time consuming (expensive for you and for us) to repair and to replace parts that were costly, hard to find or no longer available. Initially we didn't think of this, until an organization with SD2000 and P1 instruments had the P1Conversion installed to use the same orientation and mapping software on all instruments. Since then, we've prepared and installed more ACConversion, DSRConversion and IMAConversion electronics to extend the life of analytical instruments and to ensure reasonable maintenance costs for the future. As we continue to prepare and adapt these controllers for other systems, we remain alert to help you with your needs.

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